Winter Beauty Tips

Brrr… Winter has come and that cold breeze is starting to kiss our cheeks a little harder. Is it already time to say goodbye to that summer glow? The answer is simple, no! The cold weather and low humidity levels result in dry air which in turn takes the moisture away from the skin throughout the entire day. Without ongoing care, dry skin can lead to cracks which can lead to bleeding… not glamorous at all.

So if we want to avoid pre-mature ageing, cracked, itchy, dull looking skin and breakouts you’re in the right place. We have gathered the best tips and tricks and put together your winter skin survival kit.

Beauty Starts in The Shower

I know it’s near impossible to not turn the heat up in the shower in this cold weather but this is the best way to strip your body of natural oils and drying you out from your hair down to your toes. Our natural oils is what moisturizes our skin and keeps us glowing. If you’re noticing your hair becoming a little “wire like” and your skin feeling tight after a shower, your shower is likely to be too hot. Alternatively, keep the shower lukewarm. Have your towel handy and your clothes ready to jump into so you can stay warm!

Moisturize & Hydrate

Choose your moisturizer carefully. Ensure it is organic based to avoid the DRYING chemicals some include. After you have contact with water ensure to moisturize. There is no such thing as taking “too much care” of your skin. If you feel dry or tight in areas, this is the perfect indicator to top up on your moisturizing and this includes taking care of your lips! While we moisturize the outside we also need to make sure we are hydrating the inside with 2-3L or water each day (hot chocolate doesn’t count!).

Fact: When the skin becomes too dry, the sebaceous gland will stress out from undernourishment and try to overcompensate in oil production leading to breakouts!

Let’s Keep Our Summer Glow!

Just because its winter does not mean we have to accept dull, lifeless dry skin. As the seasons change, our skincare regime must change too. So if you are not already on an organic skincare regime, let’s get to work on staying beautiful, all winter long.

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