Neil Diamond Tribute


Parramatter was generously hosted by All Things Entertainment at a Neil Diamond Tribute Show on the weekend.  

Created by singer/songwriter Craig Stewart, the show tells the stories behind the hit songs of Neil Diamond’s long career at the top of music charts in America, Australia, UK and around the world. 

Knowing the origin story helps you experience the song in an entirely fresh way, as you sing along to the familiar lyrics.

For example, did you know the song "Sweet Caroline" all started with a magazine cover? It was Time-Life magazine in September 1962, that showed the President's young daughter, Caroline Kennedy in an idyllic scene, riding her part-Shetland tiny pony, Macaroni, on the White House lawn. The innocent image inspired a contagious optimism and the line "Good times never seemed so good..."

Researching facts like this, the former English/History school teacher has created a narrative for the show similar to a musical theatre experience that is much more moving than even the songs themselves.

When the local club wanted to host a Curry Night they rang him up in July saying "Stewy, we wanna do a curry night next month, can you sing Hot August Nights?". That was the inauspicious start of Craig's passion for one of the greatest songwriters of our time.

Over the years since the show had developed into a well-crafted musical journey that showcases not just Craig's superb musicianship and voice mimicry, but also a multimedia show featuring three giant screens and skilful lighting to highlight the album covers, and other factoids like where they made it to on the charts etc.

Craig Stewart is also an artist in his own right, writing songs that tell the history of Australia (e.g. Ned Kelly) and teaching them to school children as far west as Broken Hill. As he travels into the country to perform, he meets more modern day Aussie bushmen and their stories become inspirations for new songs, too.

I highly recommend you catch the show when Craig is next performing in town.

At the end of August the show leaves NSW and heads south to Victoria and Tasmania. You can see all the tour dates at the facebook page.


Cherry Cherry

Cherry Cherry


Neil Diamond’s story told by music, singing, lights and a multimedia show on three giant screens that makes you feel like you’re really there with the great man and thousands of fans.