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Everything that matters in Parramatta

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Hello, I'm Shaz and I help business owners in ParramattA Create Wealth by showing THEM how to:

Turn Ads INTO



Parramatta has the 3rd highest business failure rate in the country

The main cause of business failure is lack of profits. Businesses that fail have a passsionate owner, a brilliant brand, a great product and .... hardly anyone knows about it. So they're simply not generating the profits they deserve.

I help Parramatta business owners create wealth, by showing businesses the most consistently reliable form of wealth creation - how to turn advertising into profits. Unfortunately, there is nowhere else in Parramatta you can go to learn these skills.

Even high-profile global celebrities like Jamie Oliver haven't been able to make their business successful in Parramatta without local advertising.

Only Sydney and Melbourne CBD's have higher rates of business failure than Parramatta's 15,408 businesses. SVP Partner's, a leading accountanct firm, reported in 2017 that 3,853 of Parramatta's new businesses had a moderate to high chance of failure.


Why businesses give money to facebook

The Most succesful advertising businesses

Google & Facebook's Secret of Success

The world's smartest investors have voted with their cash and valued companies like Google, Apple, Amazon and Facebook as the most valuable in the world. But why do business owners continue to give tens of billions of dollars every year to Mark Zuckerberg and the other tech founders who are already billionaires?

Whilst most people think of these companies as technology companies, where they really make their money is through advertising. Here's the truth: The world's most successful companies multiply their income by spending a portion of every dollar on advertising, which in turn creates more income. It's a never-ending cycle of wealth creation. Making money every time you spend money is why companies are happy to keep giving their money to Facebook, Google and other advertising platforms.


Money Follows Attention

Advertising Directs People To Your Business

When advertising is done right, it attracts people to your business like seagulls to hot chips.

Unfortunately, most business owners haven't been trained in advertising, so they're not doing it right. And they don't even know they're doing it wrong. Or worse, they've given up or haven't even tried.

Local Advertising Platforms

parramatter media

When Facebook's advertising revenues fell for the first time ever between March-June 2018, they knew the only solution to turn their business around and start growing again was .... to start advertising! So Facebook bought ads not just online and globally, but offline and locally (you might have seen some around City of Parramatta e.g. in newspapers, on buses or in bus stops ). That's because when you know the secrets of advertising success as well as Facebook's founder Mark Zuckerberg does, you know that LOCAL advertising is one of the most powerful forms of persuasion there is.

Get started today

Start Using Parramatter's Local Advertising Platform

Discover how real business owners are getting real profits in Parramatta by learning how to attract their ideal client and deliver the high value results their clients are willing to pay top dollar for.

If you want to be another statistic, and watch your business failure - you don't have to do anything.

But if you've read this far, I suspect you are the type of business owner who wants to be even more successful than Jamie Oliver, so let's get started!


Business Failure in Parramatta

Global Ad Spend

Digital Ad Revenue US$Billions


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